Finding rental property and roommates is difficult. We make it better.

LivingLAB is a community of professionals co-living in awesome properties.

How it works


Finding a roommate and building a network in a new place is hard. Our platform matches candidates to bring the best out of everyone.

2. The property

Our platform matches you to the perfect property. We like to joke that your bathroom is often bigger than your friend's living room.

3. You're Done

The process of finding a property, furnishing a space, and moving in is complicated. We already did it for you.


1. Cost

Compared to an apartment, we offer twice the space for half the cost.

2. Network

Our tenants are vetted to be awesome. The majority are doctors, engineers, lawyers, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to meet other great people.

3. Ease

Forget about setting up utilities, wifi, moving furniture or finding roommates. Just show up with your clothes.