How It Works



1. Find matches

LivingLab learns and adapts to your preferences every time you swipe to give you meaningful living recommendations.

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2. Apply together

Chat with your matches to ensure the perfect arrangement. Once everyone agrees to apply as a group, we handle the rest. 


3. Sign lease

Our platform makes it easy to share rental property. We even vet potential roommates through background and banking checks.

What's Included?

Shared living can be tricky. We offer two memberships to make things easier. Go to the membership page to see more details.


LivingLab Free

We will help you find roommates and a place to live, but the rest is up to you.


LivingLab Member

We furnish your property and send you bi-weekly consumables to make sure you never run out of necessities.

Why It's Great

1. Ease

Finding roommates you like while balancing preferences for location, price and timing is difficult. We make it easy to find roommates and share rental property.

2. Cost

Millions of Americans live with roommates to reduce living costs. Save time and money by leaving the efforts of moving in with us. Savings we get from bulk ordering consumables is passed on to our members.

3. Risk

Traditional subleases are risky and often illegal. There is also no easy solution if your roommate just stops paying their fair share. LivingLab is a much safer way to find and contract into a shared rental agreement.