What is included in the LivingLab experience?


Matching and Contracting

Finding roommates you like is just the first step. Our platform verifies banking and identity credentials to give you the highest quality matches with people who actually want to share a lease.



Full Furnishing Service

Living Room

  • 1 Sofa
  • 1 Loveseat or Chair
  • 1 Cocktail Table
  • 1 End Table
  • 1 Table Lamp

Dining Room

  • 1 Dining Table
  • 4 Dining Chairs

Master Bedroom

  • 1 Dresser & Mirror
  • 1 Nightstand
  • 1 Table Lamp
  • 1 Bed: Headboard, Mattress & Boxspring (Queen size standard)

*Pictures shown are actual furnitures supplied by LivingLab. However, furnitures, style, and colour may vary.


Never run out of toilet paper again. Every two weeks we will ship you everyday things like paper towels, dishwashing liquid, kitchen bags (and more!), so that you and your roommates never run out of the basic stuff. 



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Social Network

We regularly host exclusive events for our members. Get to meet people just like you and connect with a new network of friends, wherever you are. 

Renter's Insurance

An incident with a shared rental will go on everyones' credit, even if it is not your fault. We use Jetty to supply separate insurance agreements to better protect you. 

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The best part ? Live with people you'll love.


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